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English Teacher's Guide To China

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ISBN: 978-0-99202-688-2
Pages: 200
Dimension: 7.72 × 5.16 × 0.28 inches
Authors: Aaron Fox-Lerner and Dave Bulger
Edition: 1st Edition
Format: Flexibound
Weight: 0.55 pounds




Panda Guides The English Teacher’s Guide to China is the tool no teacher should be without. This edition was written by a team of long-term English-teaching expats that share their detailed knowledge on everything a China EFL teacher needs, from broader subjects such as Chinese culture, etiquette, history, language and holidays, to life inside and outside of the classroom with topics like getting and keeping a job, avoiding scams, visa information, teaching techniques for all ages, dating, building guanxi, forging friendships for a healthier social life, and much more! Plus, the book comes equipped with over 75 games, songs, worksheets and a sample lesson plan outline, ensuring everyone, from the newbie to the most seasoned vet, always has something to do in the classroom. A lifesaver for any EFL teacher in China, The English Teacher’s Guide to China will help teachers conquer culture shock and become experts in their field!



Inside Panda Guides The English Teacher’s Guide to China

• A complete chapter on Getting Prepared to help you prepare physically and mentally
• Resume building techniques and interviewing tips to help you land the perfect job
• A Culture chapter that presents China’s dynamic faces and history in a way anyone can understand
• Mandarin Phrasebook and Chinese translations throughout the book to let you live like a local
• Advice on dating, marriage, friendship and forging guanxi outside the classroom
• A collection of amusing and illuminating anecdotes from actual teachers and students
• Standardized lesson plan outline that makes preparing for class a breeze
• Over 75 songs, games, activities and worksheets to ensure you never enter the classroom empty-handed
• The English Grammar Guide covers everything from conditionals and quantifiers to simple verbs and nouns
• Advice from professional EFL teachers to transform you into an expert teacher in no time



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