Do you want an all-inclusive paid trip to China? Of course you do! By following the Panda, you can do just that, so keep reading to learn about the incredible Panda Ambassadors Program.

Once a year we will choose 20 lucky individuals to have the Chinese adventure of a lifetime. The selection process is simple. All you have to do is buy any Panda Guides travel book (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong or China), go to our website to enter the eight digit code found on the last page of each guide, then wait to see if your number selected. All winners will be announced on our website and contacted through email in April.

Each winner gets a free two-week trip to China: transportation, accommodation and meals will be paid for by Panda Guides Publishing Inc. The only thing you have to do is to purchase your visa, a flight and any extra souvenirs or drinks you'll want during your visit. The total value of this amazing package is 15,000 RMB (roughly US$2,500).

A certified Panda Guides tour guide will bring the selected winners on a journey through a fascinating part of the country. It could be the ancient Silk Road along China's great northwest, or a tropical retreat along the southern Canton region, or a river cruise along the Yangtze River – China's heart and soul. The destination will change once a year to ensure the scenery stays fresh, but no matter where you end it up we guarantee it will be the trip of a lifetime!

Unfortunately, sometimes the real world gets in the way of our leisure time, but don't worry. In the event that a winner cannot or is unwilling to travel, he or she can either a) pass their ticket on to a friend or relative, or b) opt to go on the trip at a later date (within three years of winning). As you can see, you have nothing to lose.

As you can see through our Panda Ambassadors Program, Panda Guides is more than just a guide; it's an experience. And for this reason we want you to enjoy your travel experience so much that we're willing to pay for it! So come along and welcome to China, we hope to see you here soon.


  • Yuanyang Rice Terraces
  • Fenghuang Ancient Town
  • The Terracotta Warriors
  • Pudong & the Bund
  • Mt Huangshan
  • Peking Duck
  • Huangguoshu Waterfall
  • Lugu Lake
  • Suzhou Canals & Gardens
  • Hongcun Ancient Village
  • Mt Wuyi
  • Hot Pot
  • Kawa Karpo
  • Potala Palace
  • Labrang Monastery
  • Qinghai-Tibet Railway
  • Confucian Temple
  • The Forbidden City
  • The Silk Road
  • Taroko Gorge & Tribes
  • Giant Panda Breeding Research Base
  • Leshan Big Buddha
  • Yangshuo & the Li River
  • Mt Taishan
  • Kashgar
  • Hulunbuir Grasslands
  • Mt Wudang & Taoism
  • The Chengde Mountain Resort
  • Mt Lushan
  • Dim Sum
  • Zhangjiajie
  • Mogao Caves of Dunhuang
  • Shennongjia
  • Jiuzhaigou National Park
  • Pingyao Ancient Town
  • Victoria Harbor & Star Ferry
  • Yunnan’s Ethnic Minorities
  • Shaolin Temple & Kung Fu
  • Kaiping Watchtowers
  • Tiger Leaping Gorge
  • Heaven Lake & Mt Changbai
  • Zhouzhuang Ancient Town
  • Yalong & Sanya Bays
  • The Great Wall
  • Yangtze River Cruise
  • The Temple of Heaven
  • wudalianchi
  • Yungang Grottoes
  • West Lake
  • Mt Huashan