Dàlián 大连

Named as one of the most livable cities in China and often designated as the “Hong Kong of the north,” Dalian seems to be living up to all the hype these days with good looking beaches, one of the longest continuous boardwalks in the world, a comfortable bar and nightlife scene, some of the lowest crime in the country, relaxing hills on the outskirts and modern architecture. It’s really difficult to say no to Dalian with all of its charms, so do like most people who come to China’s northeast and give it a resounding “YES!”

Dalian’s name takes it origins from Qingniwa, literally translated as ‘blue mud swamp’ – which doesn't really do the beauty spot justice, and has been used and abused by foreign powers (namely the British, Russians and Japanese) a number of times over the years.

The monsoon-influenced climate sees temperatures varying greatly from -3C in winter to 25C in the summer months, but due to its beachside location the air is generally clean and fresh here almost all year round. Something the 7 million plus inhabitants appreciate greatly no doubt.

It’s an exceptionally popular tourist destination domestically and with foreigners – particularly with the Japanese, Koreans and Russians – and two of the ‘must see’ attractions include the world’s biggest city square and the world’s largest bird cage. And who says size isn't everything...


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