Humble Administrator’s Garden

Chinese name
拙政园 (Zhuōzhèng Yuán)
¥50 (Oct 31-Apr 15); ¥70 (Apr 16-Oct 30)
Recommended time for visit
1-2 hours
178 Dongbei Jie (东北街178号)
Bus – 游1, 游2, 游5, 202, 313, 923, 529, 40, 78, get off at Zhuozhengyuan (拙政园) Stop, then walk east 100 m (328 ft)

The Humble Administrator’s Garden is built in the typical Ming Dynasty style. It has a central section that’s a recreation of the scenery of the Lower Yangtze, attached to which are the east and west sections (each with distinctive architecture). It is the largest garden in Suzhou at nearly 52,000 sq m (559,723 sq ft), and it is considered by many to be the most impressive in Suzhou. The name of the garden derives from the ideal of the humble public servant who strives to cultivate the garden’s beauty without spending lavishly or being too attracted to ornamentation.

With water as the main theme, the lake dominates the center of the garden, along with its lovely bridges, pavilions and islands, as well as a teahouse and a museum.






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