Sānyà 三亚

Sanya is China’s premier holiday resort destination and is becoming an international hit for those looking to let loose (as suggested by the signs around town written in English, Chinese and Russian). With sunny days, immaculate beaches, sparkling blue water, fresh seafood, diving, surfing, reggae bars, and Cancun-wannabe discos, Sanya might be lacking in traditional culture, but it makes up for it with a good time and an even better party.

All the beaches are similar in regards to activities. Most will have surf shops, jet skis, kayaks, boogie boards, wind surfing, parasailing, and more. The biggest difference among them is the types of crowds they draw and the amount of people they attract. Read on for Sanya’s best and pick the one that best suits your personality. Or, better yet, take a trip to all of them and discover the pleasures of each.


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