Chinese name
金山岭 (Jīnshānlǐng)
¥65 (Mar 16-Nov 15); ¥55 (Nov 16-Mar 15)

Jinshanling lies between the other two partially restored sections that neighbor the small outlying town of Gubeikou. This section of wall is the starting point for a well respected hike that goes from here to Simatai. The invigorating 7 km (4 mi) journey twists through inspiringly remote mountains, and the three to four hour hike can be heart-poundingly steep at times, especially where some of the stairs have collapsed. If you’re in decent shape you’ll manage just fine. The arid landscape seems to fit accordingly with the watchtowers that display a notable range of preservation.

Hiking & Info
Though Simatai is closed for renovations for an indefinite amount of time, you should consider the 7 km (4 mi) adventure. Bringing water is a must, as hucksters up here know their customers well and they will scour a high price out of the inevitably thirsty hikers. Packing your lunch is highly recommended as well since the hike takes three to four hours; you don’t want to be halfway through with a gnawing hunger and no food. Make a left when you reach the wall and you’re off to Simatai. There is a cable car as well if you feel the urge to save some energy.
If you don’t want to bring your own lunch, fuel up at the farming courtyards near the west gate. They have local food and lodgings if you want to stay the night before or after you tackle the wall. The east gate, about 2 km (1 mi) from the west gate, offers a café with an English menu.
Pack & Additional Options
Sunscreen, Water, Lunch, Camera, Good hiking or walking shoes

Cable car – ¥30 one way, ¥50 round trip

Farming courtyards – ¥30 or so for a meal, ¥80-100 for a room
Taxi - ¥900 to ¥1,000 round trip fare
Bus - There are two bus options to get to Jinshanling, one of them includes a short taxi ride.
1. Start from Sihui Long Distance Bus Station (四惠长途汽车站), slightly southeast of Sihui Subway Station on Line 1. Take the bus that goes to Chengde (承德) but tell the driver you want to get off at Jinshanling (if you just say Jinshanling he will know what you mean). This means you will not ride the whole way to Chengde, but you will still need to pay the full fare. The bus will drop you on the highway about 1 km (less than 1 mi) from the Jinshanling east gate. Return to where you were dropped off on the main highway around mid-evening to flag a return bus.

Chengde bus – ¥85; 2.5 hours; leaves every 20 minutes
2. Grab bus 980 from Dongzhimen Transport Hub to Miyun and then take a taxi to Jinshanling.

980 – ¥15; 1.5 hours; all day until 19:00 (last one from Miyun)
Tour bus - There are four different tour buses that make morning trips to the Juyongguan Great Wall area; you should be able to find one that is relatively close to your area.
Tour bus 1 – Northeast part of Jianlou in Qianmen; departs 6:00-10:00
Tour bus 2 – Beijing Railway Station; departs 6:00-10:00
Tour bus 3 – Dongda Bridge; departs 6:00-10:00
Tour bus 4 – Beijing Zoo; departs 6:30-10:00
Train - Trains to Juyongguan depart from Beijing North Railway Station (北京北站), which is located near Xizhimen Subway Station, and let off at Juyongguan Station. Please note each train’s morning departure time and afternoon return time from Juyongguan.
7173 – 9:10 depart; 15:00 return
L671 – 7:18 depart; 14:29 return
L673 – 7:56 depart; 15:03 return
L675 – 8:50 depart; 14:09 return

Surrounding Attractions


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